Local & Club Repeaters

There are about half a dozen repeaters in the club's area that are under regular use, with the most interesting being GB3IR and GB3KM. GB3IR is an internet repeater, and runs both IRLP and EchoLink, ran by Chris G4FZN. GB3KM is a dual-input Amateur TV repeater (13cms) sited at a not-so-distant Kirk Merrington, ran by Terry G1LPS.

The club also runs a 2m repeater, GB3CD, from our premises in Stanley Crook.

GB3CD FM Repeater

Output frequency
145.6875 MHz

Input frequency
145.0875 MHz

CTCSS J/118.8 Hz

GB7CY C4FM WiresX Repeater

Output frequency

Input frequency
430.6250 MHz

GB7CZ Multimode Repeater

Output frequency

Input frequency


CTCSS - Required on TX & RX

The radio club was successful in its application for a VHF analogue voice repeater, sited at the club's meeting venue, Stanley Crook Village Hall (see our Location page). Our repeater keeper is Bob G0OCB.

All users of GB3CD should now ensure Tone Squelch (118.8) is activated when monitoring the repeater for FM signals to avoid digital signals from GB3CD opening receivers.

Many thanks to Lee at LAM Communications for sponsoring our repeater.

Internet link

The repeater is connected to the Echolink internet linking system (node number 412936). Thanks goes to Andy G6VTR for supporting this facility during the initial stages, and now to Brian G7OCK for maintaining the current link.

Additionally GB3CD is connected to the AllStarLink system node number 531382.


Our repeater approximately covers South down to Yorkshire and North up to well beyond Newcastle-upon-Tyne. At present, we don't have any technical-based coverage estimates. Our location provides a superb take-off point in just about all directions and is an excellent spot for a repeater.

Our C4FM/Fusion digital voice repeater, based at our Stanley Crook location, runs Wires-X. The repeater keeper is Bob G0OCB.

GB7CY is a system fusion DR 1 X repeater this is a fixed Digital Repeater. This means that to access the repeater you have to be in C4FM.

The new GB7CZ Multimode Repeater supports;

DMR / D-STAR / YSF & FM Analogue

We are proud to announce that GB7CZ is now licenced for use as an FM Analogue System as well as being a full Digital Multimode Repeater.

There are a couple of things users MUST be aware of;
  • The repeater is STRICTLY Narrow Deviation 12.5Khz
  • You MUST use CTCSS on TX & RX Freq 118.5Hz that way, your Analogue Radio will not open up when it's a Digital Transmission
  • If the Repeater is currently Active on a Certain Mode - It will NOT respond to other modes until the system has gone idle and released. EG If it's being used on DMR and an FM Analogue user keys up... It won't work. However after the DMR Transmissions and ended and the Repeater Resets then if you transmitted Analogue FM it will respond.

In it's DMR Mode this repeater is linked via the internet to DVSPh, Extended Freedom Network, TGIF & FreeDMR.

Slot 1 defaults to Talk Group 235 - UK-wide Calling Channel.

Slot 2 defaults to Talkgroups 860 Northeast England & 851 North England / Scottish Borders Region

The other digital modes are default configured to;



FM Analogue: Is Local RF Only at this time. The system is not linked to any other systems, networks etc.

GB7CZ is run and maintained by the members of Bishop Auckland Radio Amateur’s Club.